Private lessons are available at a cost of $20/half hour. Semi-private lessons for two individuals is $15 each/45 minutes (total $30). Each additional family member is $15. Three forms are available: Ten Posture, Cheng Man-Ch'ing (Yang Style Short Form 37) and the Yang Style Long Form.

Taijiquan Form and Instructor Programs (Private Lessons)

Taijiquan Form and Instructor Programs (Group Lessons)

Group instruction is provided at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia but is limited to the Cheng Man-Ch'ing Form only. Classes are provided on Tuesday nights at 7 pm. For tuition information and to register go to www.workhousearts.org.

Distant Learning Program                   (DLP)

                                                                              Taijiquan Form Program (TFP) 

For students interested in the Taijiquan Form Program (TFP) via the Distant Learning Program (DLP) you will need to decide which form you want to learn. Each form is divided into three sections. Upon learning a section you will submit a video for review. If needed, I will send you personalized posture correction videos to practice. Upon passing you will be approved to start learning the next section.  

Upon registration, I will send you video lessons for the nominal fee of $5.00 each. There is NO testing fee between sections and NO fee for the personalized posture correction videos. Upon completing the entire form you will submit a final test video at a cost of $29.95. Upon passing you will receive an official school certificate with authentic Chinese stamp and will be listed on the USTCA website. Best of all, I have kept the tuition very low. Please follow the following steps to register for the TFP - DLP.

STEP ONE: Let me know which form you would like to start learning first.

STEP TWO: Pay the $5.00 video lesson fee and receive the lesson link via email within 24 hours. There is NO reoccurring monthly charge, you pay as you go. I will also send you an official school patch with your first lesson free of charge.

STEP THREE: Start studying! I'm always available via email to answer any of your questions.

STEP FOUR: As soon as you are ready for another lesson email me and pay the video lesson fee ($5.00). I will send you the new lesson link via email.

STEP FIVE: Take your final test. Submit a video and pay the $29.95 fee.