Private lessons are available at a cost of $20/half hour. Semi-private lessons for two individuals is $15 each/45 minutes (total $30). Each additional family member is $15. Three forms are available: Ten Posture, Cheng Man-Ch'ing (Yang Style Short Form 37) and the Yang Style Long Form.

Taijiquan Form and Instructor Programs (Private Lessons)

Taijiquan Form and Instructor Programs (Group Lessons)

Group instruction is provided at the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia. There is a beginners class in which only the Cheng Man-Ch'ing Form is taught. For those interested in the Instructor Program please register for the advanced class at the Workhouse Arts Center. The beginner's class is on Tuesday nights at 7 pm and the advanced class at 8 pm. For tuition information and to register go to www.workhousearts.org.