Taijiquan Instructor Program




I. Warm-up Exercises

II. Ten Posture Form (M1-10)

III. Two-Man Fighting Form (M1-8             A&B)

IV. Shaolin Chin Na:

     1. Hold the Moon in Arms

     2. Pat Chest and Twist Elbow

     3. Turn the Oar Over Along

         with the Current

     4. Step and Sweep the Tree

I. Cheng Man-Ch'ing Form (M1-37)

II.Two-Man Fighting Form (M9-16        A&B)

III. Shaolin Chin Na:

     5. Kneel Down to Beg

     6. Xiang Zi Carries Basket

     7. Protect Both Shoulders

     8. Twist Elbow and Lock Throat

     9. Boy Worships Buddha

     10. Stare at Golden Sun

I. Yang Style Long Form (1-17)

II. Two-Man Fighting Form (M17-           24 A&B)

III. Shaolin Chin Na:

     11. Eagle Flies Towards Eye

     12. Fruit From the Tree Sings

     13. Branch Fades Away and Falls

     14. King of Heaven Holds the                 Tower

     15. Rocks Fall on Mount

     16. Two Roots Separate the                     Cloud




I. Yang Style Long Form (M18-58)

II. Two-Man Fighting Form (M25-32             A&B)

III. Grasp Sparrow's Tail Chin Na:

     1. Ward-off Upward Against

         Opponents Elbow

     2. Backward Upward Turning

     3. Small Elbow Wrap

     4. Arms Wraps Around the

         Dragons Neck

    5. Cavity Attack

IV. Ward-off Chin Na (Left and Right):

      1. Cavity Attack 1

      2. Cavity Attack 2

V. Break Elbow Forward Rollback Chin        Na:

    1. Large Rollback

    2. Wild Chick Breaks its Wings

    3. Arms Rolls Back the Enemy


VI. Opening Chin Na:

     1. Cavity Attack

     2. Bear Hug from Behind

VII. Push Hands:

      1. Cooperative

      2. Non-Cooperative

I. Yang Style Long Form (M59-108)

II. Two-Man Fighting Form (M33-42 A&B)

III. Single Whip/Diagonal Flying Chin Na:

      1. Attack Throat


      2. Diagonal Flying


      3. Roast Peking Duck

      4. Cavity Attack

IV. Play Guitar Chin Na:

      1. Cavity Attack

      2. Break Elbow Forward

     3. Heaven King Supports the


V. Crane Spreads its Wings Chin Na:

    1. Left Cross Elbow

    2. The Crane Spreads its Wings

    3. Cavity Kick Attack

VI. Brush Knee and Push Chin Na:

      1. Brush Knee and Push Forward

      2. Both Hands Twist the Neck

     3. Cavity Attack

VII. Withdrawal Chin Na:

       1. Withdrawal Forward

       2. Low Outward Wrist Press

VIII. Fist Under Elbow Chin Na:

        1. Left Right Cross Elbow

        2. Cavity Attack

IX. Needle at the Bottom of the Sea

      Chin Na:

      1. Upward Pushing Elbow

      2. Cavity Attack

      3. Wrist Bend Forward

      4. Friend Greets with Hands

X. Push Hands:

    1. Cooperative

    2. Non-Cooperative

I. Two-Man Fighting Form (M43-51)

II. Wave Hands Like Clouds Chin Na:

    1. Block High Hit Low

    2. Cloud Hands to Lock the Elbow

    3. Fair Lady Picks the Peach

III. Punch Downward Chin Na:

     1. Two Children Worship the


IV. Hit Tiger Right Chin Na:

      1. The Arms Locks the Python


V. Double Ears to Wind Chin Na:

    1. Force the Bow

    2. Cavity Attack

VI. Parting Wild Horses Mane Chin Na:

     1. Wild Horses Shear the Mane

     2. Cavity Attack

VII. Four Corners Chin Na:

      1. Cavity Attack

      2. Forward Upward Turning

VIII. Golden Peasant Chin Na:

       1. Cavity Attack

IX. Snake Darts Tongue Chin Na:

      1. Fang of the Cobra

      2. Lock the Arm and Push the


X. Seven Stars Chin Na:

    1. Seven Stars to the Lock the


    2. Cavity Attack

XI. Step Back to Ride the Tiger Chin Na:

     1. Cavity Attack

XII. Sweep Lotus and Horizontal Kick             Chin Na:

      1. Two Hands Push the Chest

XIII. Shoot the Tiger Chin Na:

         1. Inverted Punch Forward

XIV. Push Hands:

        1. Cooperative

        2. Non-Cooperative

Taijiquan Instructor Graduates

 Julio Ruiz-llarrasa - Yellow Sash 

Steven C. Siegel - Green Sash 

Stephen Bell - Blue Sash 

Gary Porter - Blue Sash 

Irma Imaniati Reeves - Green Sash 

Ervin Reeves - Yellow Sash 

Vern Hoffman - Yellow Sash 

Hugh Replogle - Yellow Sash