Taijiquan commonly referred to as Tai Chi means "Supreme Ultimate Fist." There are four major styles of Taijiquan: Chen, Yang, Wu and Sun. It is believed that the Yang, Wu and Sun developed from the Chen style. Chen Wangting of the Chen family (9th generation) founded the Chen style. Yang Lu-Chan (1799-1872) was the first person outside of the Chen family to learn the art. Yang Lu-Chan then developed the Yang style during the second-half of the 19th century. Yang Lu-Chan passed his knowledge to his son Yang Cheng-Fu (1883-1936). Around 1930 Cheng Man-Ch'ing began studying with Yang Cheng-Fu and later abbreviated the Yang Style Long Form to create the Cheng Man-Ch'ing Form (also called the Short Form 37). In 1964 Cheng Man-Ch'ing moved to New York and taught as the New York Tai Chi Association located at 211 Canal Street, Manhattan, New York. One of Cheng Man-Ch'ing's students T.T. Liang taught Lawrence Galante, Ph.D. Sifu Daniel Rodriguez (Sifu Dan) studied with Master Galante and three other instructors.  

Sifu Dan

Sifu Dan was born in Manhattan, New York and he grew up in the Bronx and White Plains, New York. He began his martial arts studies at age 13 in USA Urban Goju Karate at the Northern Westchester White Plains Family Center established by Shihan William Grady; Shotokan Karate with Shihan Minoru Horie and Hung Gar Kung Fu with Sifu Joseph Demundo at Yee's Hung Gar International Kung Fu Association in lower Manhattan. Sifu Dan hold a Purple Belt in Tracy Kenpo Karate and a Brown Belt in Uechi-Ryu Karate. His martial art journey ended when he was first introduced to Taijiquan. Sifu Dan's first exposure to Taijiquan began at the Westchester County Continuing Adult Education Program where he learned the Yang Style Short Form. He continued his Taijiquan studies at the Tai Chi School of Westchester under Sifu Domingo Colon and Lawrence Galante's Center for Holistic Arts. Sifu Dan studied the Ten Posture and Yang Style Long Form as well as Wing Chun Kung Fu with Sean Leydig founder of the Hand 2 Hand Chinese Kickboxing Club. Sifu Dan is a Yang Style Taijiquan instructor (Black Sash) recognized by the United States Martial Arts Federation, under the tutelage of Shihan Bruce Brethers a senior student of Dr. Herr Yue Wong founder of Ching-Yi Kung Fu. 


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